If you have developed the desire to change, we can help you turn this motivation into effective action. We urge you to move quickly because you’ve already lost too much to addiction. This is your opportunity to turn things around and discover a way of living where you are going to feel fulfilled and happy.

A New Beginning in Recovery

You may feel some resistance when you try to imagine your future without alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behaviors. This inability to see a brighter sober tomorrow is a symptom of your psychological dependency. You now need to take a small leap of faith just enough to believe that your life is going to improve with the help of one of our treatment programs.

By entering one of our New York rehab centers, you take your first step towards a better future. There is going to be plenty more work in front of you, but the first step is always the hardest to make. So long as you remain fully committed to change, and you make use of the resources you need, your success is almost guaranteed.

Entering one of our addiction treatment centers means a new beginning. You are going to have the opportunity to escape from the unhelpful patterns of thinking that have been holding you back in life by causing you to make bad choices. You can also expect to pick up many tools and strategies that are going to make it easier for you to face the challenges of life and achieve your dreams.

The goal of our inpatient rehabilitation programs is far more ambitious than just getting you to quit addictive behaviors. We are going to help you develop a way of living where there is going to be no need for a chemical escape. We know that the best thing you can do to ensure long-term sobriety is to find real happiness.

Help for Every Type of Addiction

We offer a range of rehab programs to suit every type of addiction. The one-size-fits-all approach to recovery has produced poor results, so we are careful about matching your exact needs to the options available. We only send you to treatment programs with a good track record for dealing with your type of addiction.

Our alcohol rehab centers are the best in the US, and they have a solid record of getting results. All of these facilities have the goal of helping clients achieve long-term abstinence, but they use different paths to reach this goal. Our job is to find the program that is most likely to work for you.

Our drug rehab centers can cater for every type of substance abuse such as: cocaine addiction, opiate addiction (e.g. heroin, pethidine, and methadone), amphetamine addiction, cannabis addiction, and abuse of hallucinogenic drugs.

An increasing number of our clients need help with behavioral addictions such as: food disorders, gambling addiction, shopping addiction, relationships/sex addictions, internet addiction, and gaming addiction. We have effective programs for these and every other type of non-chemical addiction.

Do You Need Detox?

If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, you are going to experience withdrawal symptoms when you first quit. The severity of these symptoms vary depending on the substance, the amount you have been using, your current health situation, and the number of years you have been addicted.

Most people are only going to experience mild symptoms, but for some individuals the withdrawal process can become life-threatening. Even if you are only likely to experience mild symptoms, it can still be a good idea to enter detox because this will greatly increase the likelihood of you making it through this stage.

We Understand the Pain of Addiction

Almost every member of our team (over 90%) has once been where you are now. We understand how difficult it might be for you to take a chance on this new way of life. We also know that amazing things are possible if you are willing to take action to make the necessary changes.

We are ready to help you discover a better way of living. You are not going to be committing to anything by contacting us, but it is going to be helpful to at least know your addiction rehab options.